Ritual 3 : The sea baptism

Short film 
Duration 15 min

The maritime world is a repository of beliefs and of a number of ancestral legends which still accompany current practices. Notably: naval carpenter, fisherman, captain of a cable-laying vessel, marine anthropologist, female skipper, rigging captain, sailor: their voices filter through the specter of a buccaneer borne by ocean waves and the bewitching chants of a drifting Neptune.

Writing and directing by Émilie Rousset and Louise Hémon 

With Julia Perazzini and Olivier Normand
Cinematography Marine Atlan
Sound Philippe Deschamps
Paintings Camila Farina
Set design Ninon de la Hosseraye
Editing Carole Borne
Sound editing, mix Ivan Gariel
Make-up Jessica Loulergue
Colorist Eric Salleron
Credits Morgane Rospars
Production Amélie Couillaud and Cédric Andrieux
Technical support Avidia and the Centre Pompidou

Production Casoar and John Corporation

In assocation with the Centre Pompidou
With the support of the Mucem and of Montévidéo - Centre de créations contemporaines