Ritual 2 : The vote

Short film
Duration 15 min

When we begin questioning the true power of the vote, slogans, emblems, songs and other rituals appear to support the Republic. What persists is the form. The ceremony involved at a polling place is explored in a comedy in which the actor Manuel Vallade plays all the parts. Constructed using a number of interviews, the film plays with the language and codes which layer our collective citizen imagination.

Writing et directing by Louise Hémon and Émilie Rousset

With Manuel Vallade
Cinematography Jean-Baptiste Bonnet
Sound Marc Parazon
Set design Ninon de la Hosseraye
Editing  Carole Borne
Soung editing, mix Ivan Gariel
Make-up Émilie Nguyen Thanh Nhan
Stand-in Antoine Hémon
Credits Elsa Audouin
Accessories design Sylvia Ugga
Colorist Eric Salleron
Technical support Avidia and the Centre Pompidou

Production John Corporation

In assocation with the Centre Pompidou